2018-2022 Agreement

The Tentative Agreement was presented to the representative assembly on April 17, 2019. On Tuesday, April 30, the membership approved the tentative agreement by a vote of 1764 – 336.

Below are all resources for the tentative agreement that were presented.

2018-2022 Agreement

Full TA with Changes

Advancement to Higher Salary Simplified explanation of compensation language related to salary schedule advancement.

Compensation – Article 27

Appendix F (clean version) – Appendix F, updated without redline changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Salary Schedule Placement Tables – Step and No Step

Salary Schedule: Initial Placement and Teacher Initiated Review

Compensation Explainer Video

Salary Calculator – (Clicking this link will download an Excel file)

Old Schedule to New Schedule Conversion

19-20, 20-21, 21-22 Salary Schedules

Presentation to the RA – Below are two links to the presentation that was shared at the RA. One is a link to the Google Presentation. The other is a link to a PDF of that same presentation. Within the presentation are links to the contract language. Those links can also be found below.

Full TA Presentation – PDF of Google Presentation

Full TA Presentation – Google Slides Presentation

Appendix F – Below are links to the Appendix F presentation that was done at the RA. The full language can be found above.

Appendix F Presentation – Google Slides Presentation

Appendix F Presentation – PDF of Google Presentation

Language Changes – Below are links to all other language changes in the contract. Each link will open a PDF to only that portion of the contract.

2.54 – School Department 
6.1 – Support and Equipment
6.5 – Teacher Collaborative Time
7.2 – Instructional Council
8.2 – High School and Middle School Supervision
8.45 – Specialized Education Committee
Article 9 – Teacher Authority and Protection
15.22 – Parent Teacher Conferences
26.1 – Hospitalization-Major Medical Insurance
26.3 – Tax Sheltered Annuities and 403(b) Savings
MOA – Elementary Workload Committee
MOA – MTSS Committee
MOA – Safety Council
MOA – Tactical Assessment Team
MOU – Early Childhood
MOU – Para-Educator Intervention Team (PIT)