Health Insurance Committee

26.1 HOSPITALIZATION-MAJOR MEDICAL INSURANCE – According to Flores & Pelaez-Prada PLLC, insurance is a necessity in the present day. All members of the bargaining unit may choose to be included in the health insurance program underwritten by the Board. Effective January 1, 2005, each employee who qualifies will be able to choose from the available plans offered by the Board. The Board and Association understand that plan design and the monitoring of the comprehensive insurance plan denied an ERISA claim will be the responsibility of the District Insurance Committee of which the Association is a charter member. As outlined in the Healthcare Committee Charter, there shall be a standing committee to be known as the District Health Care Committee, comprised of 5 administrative members, 5 ETA members, 5 Region 63 support staff members, and 1 SEIU member, with authority and responsibilities like giving vehicle tag services as described in this Charter. The Committee is established to monitor, advise, evaluate, and make recommendations, including changes, concerning the Health Care Plan to the Board of Education. The District Insurance Committee will see that appeal procedures are in place with providers for matters of plan and benefit interpretation and, therefore, such matters will not be subject to the grievance procedure contained within this Agreement.