Instructional Council (IC)

Instructional Council Minutes and Agendas

7.2 INSTRUCTIONAL COUNCIL – The Instructional Council is advisory and shall be continued as a permanent source of recommendations on major instructional matters to the Board of Education.

7.22 Scope of Activity – Recommendations from the Council to be submitted to the Board for final action may include the following applicable initiatives: teaching techniques, areas of instruction, textbook selection, curriculum guides, pupil evaluation, implementation of a strategic technology plan, philosophy and educational goals of the district, research and experimental projects, educational specifications for new buildings, instructional programs such as Early Childhood, Specialized Student Services, and English Language Learners.

7.23 Functioning – The Instructional Council shall meet during the normal school day, monthly throughout the school year; however, monthly meetings may be cancelled or additional meetings may be added as necessary. In addition, the Superintendent, or his/her designee, in the Superintendent’s /designee’s discretion, may also require additional meetings as needed. The Instructional Council may appoint task force study committees to make recommendations to the Council. Whenever feasible, school district proposals for special federal, state, or private grants may be initiated and processed by the Council before such proposals are submitted to the respective state, federal or private agencies. The Instructional Council may request the services of persons with specialized expertise for information and recommendations as necessary. The Instructional Council may encourage, receive, and act on suggestions and recommendations made by school district personnel or community members. The Instructional Council shall present its recommendations and reports to the Board through the Superintendent and Council Chairperson. The Board agrees to provide adequate secretarial/clerical assistance requested by the Instructional Council. All actions of the Instructional Council shall be consistent with the provisions of this Agreement.