Salary Credit Oversight Committee

SCOC Outcomes, Agendas, and Guidance

Article XXVII – Compensation – 27.2 D. Oversight Committee –  The Salary Credit Oversight Committee will be co-chaired by representatives of the ETA and the district. The committee shall consist of 8 members: 4 members appointed by the CEO/Superintendent or designee and 4 members identified by ETA President. In addition, the CEO/Superintendent designee as well as the ETA President shall serve
as non-voting members of the committee. The committee will minimally meet quarterly but will meet more often if necessary in order to complete its tasks. The committee can recommend changes to the district and the ETA. Any such changes must be approved by the ETA Representative Assembly and District Operations/Financial Services/HR Departments. This U-46/ETA committee can appoint ad hoc committees to help it do its work.

The committee is charged with:
• Monitoring of Salary Credits
• Reviewing criteria for Professional Credits
• Gathering feedback from stakeholders
• Reporting and communicating with membership based upon dis-aggregated data.