Peer Assistance and Review Panel (PAR)

14.71 PAR Program – The PAR Program is a yearlong process that involves frequent, ongoing, classroom-based assistance and a standards based review of a teacher’s practice. Aimed at improving teacher quality, a trained Peer Consultant Teacher (PCT) provides personalized assistance and instructional support for Participating Teachers (PT) who are interested in improving their professional practice and voluntarily request to participate. The PAR program affirms the district’s efforts to support and appraise teachers based on the guidelines of the district’s Teacher Appraisal Process (TAP). PAR is fully aligned with TAP and utilizes the same domain rubrics, observation cycles and ISBE descriptors that define the TAP process. Participating Teachers (PT) in PAR use the same forms, follow the same timelines, complete the same events, and adhere to guidelines as outlined in the TAP document.

14.73 Scope of Activity – The Panel will monitor the PAR program. The scope of the work will include but is not limited to processing the volunteer participants, implementing professional development for the Panel and PCT, and overseeing the reconsideration process. The Panel can make recommended changes to the program as described in the PAR Handbook. The Panel shall have productive and reciprocal relationship with the TAP Oversight Committee. The Panel will make its decisions through the consensus process.