Professional Development Committee

Professional Development Committee Minutes and Agenda

15.3 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE – The Board and the Association agree that a need for continuing professional development opportunities for all teachers exists and in accordance with Section 23.3 the Professional Development Committee will provide opportunities to this end. Professional Development refers to a process which stimulates, encourages and enables a teacher to improve their performance and reach their full potential – developing their knowledge, skills, abilities and values.

15.32 Role and Function – The role of the Professional Development Committee is to coordinate and to plan learning opportunities to support professional development for all teachers, recognizing their differentiated needs. All representatives will collaborate with the SIP team at their school or their department within the district to plan professional development activities. The Committee shall establish procedural guidelines as necessary for its operation.

Full Committee – The Professional Development Committee will meet at least quarterly. There will be additional meetings as needed. Proposed agenda items are to be submitted to the Co-Chairs of Professional Development Committee. The Steering Committee will consider all ideas submitted
and establish the agenda for each of the Full Committee meetings. Standard agenda items may include:
1. Steering Committee Report
2. General Updates
3. Applications to Facilitate PD (Sub-Committee Report)
4. Evaluation Subcommittee (Report)

Minutes will be kept of each meeting and will be made available to the Committee members and posted on the District website within 10 school days

PD Committee Minutes