Transfer Reassignment Tools

On this page you will find links to tools and resources previously shared at ETA RA meetings to help members understand transfer/reassignment and all that is considered during the annual process. For contractual provisions and the ETA Transfer/Reassignment diagram please see the contract page.

Transfer Reassignment

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Transfer Reassignment 2014-17

Statutory Grouping – Generator
(SB7 Grouping – Generator)

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Transfer Reassignment Modeler – aka the “Poker Chip” presentation powerpoint_logo

Important Note: While the dates in the slides are no longer valid, the information accurately reflects the current protocols. This presentation walks through several examples in which reductions are occurring either at the instructional or site level.

Poker Chip Presentation

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PowerPoint Presentation – Download and run in presentation mode


Elementary FTE Scenario Modeler

This tool provides a means to create a staffing map that reflects the current year’s assignments as well as the coming year’s assignments. When combined with the “Poker Chip” resource above, these two tools will help the site create the initial staffing arrangement and will identify those teachers commonly referred to as TWA (Temporarily Without Assignment).





Statutory Groupings, RIF, and Recall Rights

Statutory Groupings and RIF-Recall-Rehire pdf

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TAP to ISBE Summative Rating Conversion Explanation

Small TAP Wheel


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