Specialized Education Committee (SEC)

U-46 SEC Committee Minutes

8.45 Specialized Education Committee (SEC) – The SEC shall be a permanent structure designed to obtain information from all sources throughout the district concerning Specialized Student Services and share issues/changes regarding Specialized Student Services with district employees.

8.45.1 Scope of Activity – The SEC will assist in the planning, coordinating and implementing of any changes occurring within Specialized Student Services. The committee will collect information from all relevant sources throughout the school district and outside of the district. Participants will discuss concerns/issues and generate ideas for improvements within the Specialized Student Services Department. Further, the committee will disseminate information regarding the Specialized Student Services Department, including changes in policies and procedures (state, federal, district). At each meeting, the administration will provide the committee with the most recent financial report as provided to the Board of Education and the regular monthly budget update.

8.45.11 Functioning – The SEC shall meet monthly throughout the year (unless adjustments in scheduling are made by the SEC). When school is in session, the SEC will meet during the normal school day. The SEC may appoint task force subcommittees to make recommendations to the SEC. The SEC will review the recommendations and recommend changes accordingly. These SEC recommendations will be considered for department implementation. Outcomes will be provided to the SEC regarding the recommendations and the decisions resulting from these recommendations. Existing special education committees will provide the SEC with information regarding their activities. An elections committee will be formed composed of a specialized student services representative, ETA representatives and specialized student services secretary. This committee will conduct elections. The SEC will be co-chaired by one regular education representative, one specialized student services representative and the Director of Specialized Student Services.