Professional Resources

Professional Resources

Peer Assistance Review (PAR)

Student Learning Objectives (SLO)

Teacher Appraisal Plan (TAP)

Transfer Reassignment

The ETA is an active participant leader in various professional and union focused organizations. Our members individually participate is a wide variety of organizations relevant to their focus of work, their students, and their community.

Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN)

TURN is a nationwide network of more than 50 union locals promoting progressive reforms in education and in teacher unions – to improve student achievement, increase teacher connectivity, and  elevate teachers’ voices in the reform debate. The ETA is a principal member in this network of local affiliates from both the AFT and NEA.  For more information on our involvement in TURN, click here.

Consortium for Educational Change (CEC)

The Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the Illinois Education Association. CEC was founded in 1987 and has over 80 district members. To become a CEC member, district superintendent, board president and teachers’ union president must all agree to work together to improve student learning and achievement.






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