Teacher Appraisal Plan Oversight (TAP)

Teacher Appraisal Plan Oversight Minutes and Agendas

14.21 The U46/ETA Teacher Appraisal Plan Oversight Committee – The Teacher Appraisal Plan Oversight Committee will be co-chaired by representatives of the ETA and the district and shall consist of 12 members. The committee will minimally meet quarterly but will meet more often if necessary in order to complete its tasks. The committee can recommend changes to the district and the ETA. Any such changes must be approved by the ETA Representative Assembly. This U46/ETA evaluation committee can appoint ad hoc committees to help it do its work.

The committee is charged with:

• Identifying, developing and monitoring the ongoing training necessary for all staff

• Gathering feedback from all stakeholders through surveys on how the system is working in relationship to the values and belief statements

• Providing examples for options, goals, portfolios, and self-directed inquiries

• Reporting and communicating to all stakeholders

• Exploring and learning about peer assessment and review

• Developing the system for tenured teachers who need assistance

• Recommend a meeting structure

• Composition of committee – a cross section of the district (LPDC, Staff Development, etc.)

• Annual survey of sites

• Ongoing review of the Teacher Appraisal Plan as it evolves

The committee does not review the efficacy of any evaluation given to a teacher by the administration.