Membership Input

An all membership email was sent this morning with a link to a brief survey regarding the recently ratified Agreement. This is the first step this year in an ongoing effort to engage more members in the sharing of the information and work of our collective membership. As those opportunities to … [Read more...]

ETA Election Results

The ETA Election Results for NEA Delegates, District Committees, and ETA Leaders has been approved for posting. The election process cannot be completed without all the building representatives, volunteers to count the ballots, and members like Holly Yee and Dave Palewski our election chairs for … [Read more...]

American Education Week

As this country began, the vision for public education far exceeded the reality of what was possible. Near the end of the 18th century, many schools still only provided education in winter months with few resources. But as communities changed, so did the schools that served them. Over time, our … [Read more...]

ETA Celebrates Our Students

The last week of school and they day after the Memorial Day Holiday. Still, the LHS auditorium was full. Tuesday night was the ETA Those Who Excel recognition of student achievement. All the work done during the year to support these awards results in this annual gathering of families and educators. … [Read more...]

Teacher Appreciation Under Funded.

To all the school PTO and the students that made cupcakes, construction paper cards, and handwritten notes, we thank you. These simple acts of recognition are the most important to teaching professionals. That relationship is one of the most important places we measure success. Unfortunately, as we … [Read more...]

Secondary Grading Resources

Representatives from secondary sites have met, discussed, and presented their recommendations for grading practice for teachers. The process is now to bring the conversation to all teachers and start to share with students and parents. The information shared by the group and posted on the ETA … [Read more...]

The ETA Comments on Virtual Charter

The following is the statement that will shared at the open hearing for the Virtual Charter. I know many of our members are busy on preparing for tomorrow's lesson, so I wanted to share it here. I would like to speak on behalf of the members of the Elgin Teachers Association. As public school … [Read more...]

March 6th Election Results

Thanks to all of the site reps that helped complete our ETA election in the midst of snow and testing. I especially want to thank Holly Yee and her team of three that did all the tabulations on Thursday. If you have any questions about the results, please let Holly know prior to the March 20th … [Read more...]

Education and Politics

While many of you are focused on required mandated testing, politicians are throwing out lots of legislation that could impact education in many ways, including of course pension. Those of you that have signed up for the IEA updates know those pension proposals, but keeping up with what is happening … [Read more...]

We Are the ETA, Bowling and Baskets Included

Politicians and other special interests groups have been attacking unions and characterizing us in a manner that demeans the professional nature of our organizations and the importance of the work we do. They have continued to point to conflicts to define us, but history proves otherwise. Our … [Read more...]