ETA Contractual Committee Application

Members, We are accepting applications for ETA Contractual Committees.  We encourage members that are interested in current openings and potential openings on the following committees; Instructional Council Specialized Education Committee Peer Assistance Review Teacher Mentor … [Read more...]

President’s Insights 5-6 – TA Ratified

President’s Insights 5-6-19 Tonight, the school board voted 7-0 to ratify the tentative agreement that we agreed to last week.  This brings closure to multiple of years of negotiations. For the first time since the start of the 2015-2016 school year, members will start a school year with a … [Read more...]

Tentative Agreement Approved by Membership

I am excited to announce that we have ratified the tentative agreement. The vote totals are: Yes - 1764 No - 336 Thank to all members who helped organize voting today, the election committee for their efforts in getting the vote counted, and the bargaining team members who put in countless … [Read more...]

TA Timeline and Information 4-12-19

Good Evening Members,  Dates, times, and locations have been confirmed for the presentation of the Tentative Agreement after it is presented to the Representative Assembly on Wednesday, April 17.  Monday, April 22 - Larkin High School Auditorium - 3:30-5:30 PMWednesday, April 24 - Tefft Middle … [Read more...]

ETA Spring Election – Final Results – 3/7/19

Official Election Results 3-7-19 Thank you again to all who voted in this election. The tabulation took a bit longer than expected but we wanted to ensure that the final results were accurate. The election committee finalized the counts of all elections today and did a hand recount of the … [Read more...]

ETA Spring Election Results 3-5-19

Good Evening, Thank you to our election committee for volunteering their time to count ballots.   Thank you to everyone who ran as it shows our strength as an organization. Below are the results for the 2019 ETA Spring Election. Secretary Sarah Madson - 516 Donna Kielbasa - … [Read more...]

President’s Insights 2-25-19

Safety.  This single word represents one of the things our members think about the most and the thing I am asked about every single day.  How do we make our schools safe? How do we make our students safe? How do we make our teachers safe? All of these questions come up on a daily basis.  It is the … [Read more...]

President’s Insights 1-28-19

I hope everyone finds this email while warm and preparing for the extreme cold ahead on Wednesday.  With wind chills up to 50 below zero in our area I always think about the safety of our staff and our students. In these conditions, exposed skin can cause frostbite in as little as 10 minutes.  It is … [Read more...]

NEA Delegate and ETA Election Nomination 1-16-19

The nomination window for NEA Delegates and ETA Board positions is now open.  You can nominate members at the link below. Nominate Members Here Some notes about the nomination and election; Elections for ETA Officers, ETA Section Directors, Instructional Council, Special Education, and NEA … [Read more...]

ETA Election Results 12-4-18

Election Results 12-4-2018 Thank you to everyone who ran for the IEA-RA this year.  We were voted for 18 delegates and 1 ethnic minority director.  The results are below. IEA Delegates (Vote for 18) Maryellen Friel - 488 Jen Bury - 464 Isabel Torres - 452 Sandy Citron - 437 … [Read more...]