President’s Insights 10-01-19

At the September RA, building representatives and Section Directors moved into section groups.  Section Directors had the opportunity to meet with the head building reps from the schools in their sections to discuss how best to  work with the members in their buildings, how to reach all potential members and most importantly why the ETA exists.
Throughout last school year, the importance of the ETA was on full display as our bargaining team bargained  with your support a new Elgin agreement for members. Although,this may be one of the bigger tasks of ETA, the ETA exists for many more reasons.
In the section meetings what was repeated in the various sections is how we, members of the ETA, have a strong collective voice to advocate for our students and teachers, that the union  can protect our members and help when issues go astray, and that we are a professional organization to which our members want to be part of and belong to.
We are a strong organization.  We need to continue to work together.  WE, as ETA members, need to remember we are all working towards a common goal of making sure the students we serve, get the best possible education. Also, members have a contract that will guide the processes and procedures, in and out of the buildings with the administration.
1 on 1 Meeting and Membership Handbook
During the meetings held at the RA, Section Directors began setting up one on one meetings with the head reps at their respective buildings.  The goal of these meetings is to deliver membership handbooks for all members as well as discuss the work of the ETA and the needs our reps have in their buildings.  If you have not been contacted by your Section Director for a one on one on 1 please let an ETA officer know.
Upcoming Events and Important Dates
October 1 – Professional Credit Website Launch
October 1 – Environmental/Safety Survey to be Submitted
October 7 – U-46 School Board Meeting
October 9 – ETA Board of Directors Meeting
October 10 – Instructional Council Regular Meeting
October  – Specialized Education Committee Nominations Due
October 16 – ETA Representative Assembly
October 18 – Last paycheck with former 403(b)/457 provider deductions
October 21 – U-46 School Board Meeting
October 24 – Specialized Education Committee Election in Buildings
November 6 – Those Who Excel Bowling Event
Professional Credit Website Launch
Today,  October 1, the Professional Credit Website will officially launch.  An email has already been sent by Dr. Johnson. The site, as you will see, is explicit as to how to enter your information for PLCs, and CPDUs and CEUs, and District Committees.  Further Information can be found in the Elgin Agreement on pages 93-95.
Questions regarding the website or use of the website should be directed to your head rep who can then contact their section director for assistance if needed.  The intent of this website is to ensure our members get credit for the work they are doing. Be sure to coordinate with other members as needed to ensure information is entered accurately.
Specialized Education Committee
Last spring, recommendations were made to the bargaining team regarding the needs of the Specialized Education Committee.  From this recommendation came new language surrounding the makeup of the committee.
There is a need for an immediate election to fill vacant spots on the committee with new members.  If you know anyone that would be interested in this committee, they can self nominate on the form below.
Those Who Excel
The bowling event for Those Who Excel is upon us.  The night for the bowling will be November 6, 2019 at Elgin Lanes.  Bowling teams will cost $20 and you can reserve a lane and a time slot by emailing  If you are going to be putting together a basket be sure to get that together and email with what it will be.  The sooner we know what it is, the sooner we can get it on the website and begin raising money for scholarships.
AIG 403B/457 Information
AIG Reps will be making a short presentation at the October RA and be available for questions.
Informational sessions with AIG have concluded.  The time line remains the same, which is the last payroll deduction will occur on October 18th and the AIG system will be up and running November 1.  The first payroll deduction will occur on November 1.
Thank you as always for everything you do.  We are ETA Strong!
Barbara Bettis
ETA President

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