ETA RA 8-21-19

This Wednesday, August 21, we will be holding our first Representative Assembly the 2019-2020 school year. The meeting will take place in the Seigle Auditorium at Elgin Community College starting at 4:30 PM.
Reminders for Wednesday.
  • Only members may attend the meeting.
  • Make sure that your building list of representatives is up to date with Kathy Difatta.
  • Please be sure to bring some form of ID when you check in. Although we know many of you, we need to be able to check your name against our membership list so that you are able to attend.
In addition, I know members are asking for School Department and SIP Training. On August 12th and August 13th approximately 250 administrators and ETA members attended the SD and SIP training presentations. Included in the presentation were questions surrounding the new contract language. Thank you to all that attended on these very busy days. A third date for training has been set for Thursday, August 22th at 3:30 PM in the auditorium at South Elgin High School. Sign up is currently available on Wisdomwhere.

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