U46 Instructional Council Member Notes

Instructional Council is scheduled to meet monthly throughout the school year. Please check the ETA Calendar for the most up to date meeting schedule.

IC September update

Instructional Council Meeting, September 17, 2015 Summary Statements:          The Instructional Council began training around “How to be a good Committee Member”. This training will continue next month when we will look at the IC manual.          The Instructional Council received … [Read more...]

Instructional Council notes – May 27, 2015

  The following topics were discussed at the May 27 convening of Instruction Council. ~ The council approved the Precision Manufacturing curriculum and program presented earlier this month. Several questions were sent to the presenters which were answered before the vote. ~ The council … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Summary Statement – May 21, 2015

May 21, 2015 Instructional Council approved to proposals: AP Resources – this proposal up-dates the materials used in AP classes based on Colege Board approved texts. Professional development will be provided by the vendors to all AP teachers receiving new resources. Early Implementers for … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Summary Statements April 16, 2015

The Instructional Council heard a proposal for resources for AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP European History, AP US History and AP World History. These changes are necessary due to requirements of the College Board. Without a change in resources, some courses cannot be offered. The Instructional … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Notes – March, 2015

Instructional Council, March 19, 2015  Summary Statements: Instructional Council approved the Middle School Health proposal and created a memo to accompany the proposal when it is presented to the Board of Education.  Middle School Health will be a 9 week, stand-alone program and will use a … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Updates January 2015

The Instructional Council approved the AP Chinese Mandarin proposal. A memo regarding the approval will accompany the proposal when it is presented to the Board of Education. The Instructional Council heard a proposal for MS Health. Discussion and a vote will be on the agenda for February. The … [Read more...]

Instructional Council

October 16 The Instructional Council received requested follow up information on the Curriculum Cycle.  The purpose of this cycle is to be sure the district looks at all curricula periodically. The cycle can be adjusted when the need to do so arises. There was a presentation on Roberts Rules … [Read more...]

Instructional Council – September 2014

Summary Statements from Instructional Council – September 18, 2014 The Instructional Council reviewed the curriculum cycle, the Instructional Council Procedural Manual, Roberts Rules and tips for new members. All members were given copies of the Procedure Manual and Curriculum Cycle for reference … [Read more...]

Instructional Council – May 2014

Summary Statements May 15, 2014 The Instructional Council reviewed questions from the bargaining team regarding the proposal brought to the bargaining team and summarized IC’s discussion around those questions.  This information will be brought back to the bargaining team. The impact of common … [Read more...]

Instructional Council – April 2014

Summary Statements April 17, 2014 The Instructional Council reviewed proposed revisions to the contract language as it relates to the Instructional Council. The impact of Common Core planning was reflected in the curriculum and materials presented and approved by council this month: • Dual … [Read more...]