Instructional Council met on December 15th.

Council heard two initial presentations and received valuable information about Title I, II, and III funds and procedures.

K-6 Fine Arts gave a presentation that will meet the new national core standards, replace outdated standards, and support full day kindergarten. This brings enhancements to both fine arts and music in the elementary schools and would be implemented in the 2017/18 school year.

Secondary Social Studies gave a presentation that would adopt the new IL State Standards and move classes towards SBG. The selected texts chosen for grades 7-12 would help students answer the question “Why do we study social studies?” and ultimately create informed, knowledgeable, and active global citizens.

There was also a detailed and informative presentation of Title I, II, and III. These federal funds are extremely important to the students of U46 and provide valuable resources for them. The presentation included information about how the funds are allocated and how buildings request various resources from the funds.

Instructional Council will meet again on January 19th.

submitted by Sherri Hope

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