Spring 2018 Elections Results

I want to thank all of that voted for taking part in an important process. Election of your leadership is one of the many benefits of being a member of the ETA. Your vote is your voice.
A big thank you to all that ran for leadership, committee, and delegate positions as well. Without all of you this organization cannot be as strong as it is.
Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all that ran.

ETA Election Results – March 6, 2018


Position Nominated member(s) # of votes
Presidential Slate Barbara Bettis, Donna Streit, Scott Sternal 760
  Marty Potts, Gary Lorber, Jackie Jagielski 755
ETA Board    
Minority Director Graciela Aguirre 1165
Section 2 Elementary Audrey Leaver 122
Section 4 Elementary Jenn Strasser 116
Section 2 Secondary William Vega 104
Section 4 Secondary Jeff Horler 94
  Carol Mammoser 55
Instructional Council    
Early Childhood Elem Sandy Citron 629
Write-in Sharon Fessler 5
ELL/Bilingual Elem Isabel Torres 334
  Paula Diaz-Blanco 321
Write-in Ramiro Juarez 5
Middle School Darlene Guyett 272
  Brittany Priest 217
High School Carl Draeger 262
  Craig Pflueger 143
  William Fleischer 108
Write-in Kathy Duchaj 1
ELL/Bilingual Secondary Ramiro Juarez 406
Write-in Jaider Moreno 1
  Martha Silva 1
Special Ed Committee    
Elementary Gen Ed Erin Jackle 430
  Jenny Trygar 198
Write-in Manuel Martinez 1
ELL/Bilingual Elementary    
Write-in Elizabeth Lopez 3
  Betty Martinez 1
  Gladys Crespo 1
Middle School    
Write-in Erin Gamble 2
  Debbie Heiser 1
  Sheila Boes 1
  Sundra Arroyo 1
ELL/Bilingual Middle School    
Write-in Nataly Rodriguez 4
  Ramiro Juarez 1
  Sundra Arroyo 1
NEA Delegate (vote for 16)    
  Barbara Bettis 781
  Marty Potts 697
  Sandy Citron 682
  Doreen Roberts 676
  Scott Sternal 653
  Jackie Jagielski 637
  Donna Streit 600
  Joyce Juenger 555
  Sarah Madson 533
  Carl Draeger 517
  Marty Renteria 489
  Isabel Torres 483
  Sundra Arroyo 480
  Maritza Perez 464
  William Vega 460
  Jen Bury 460
1st alternate Kameron Matthis 437
2nd alternate Pamela Tonyan 427
3rd alternate Graciela Aguirre 424
4th alternate Bonnie Grafer 409
5th alternate Sofia Dominguez 342
Write-in Karen Davis 5
  Maria Chamorro 2
Region 24    
Region Chair Doreen Roberts 915
Write-in Gary Lorber 1
Region Vice-Chair Graciela Aguirre 833


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