2017-18 Extension


Thank you again for all the help to ensure that all members at every site had an opportunity to vote on the extension of their contract. Special thanks again to the reps who conducted the vote at their sites, delivered the ballot boxes to the ETA office, and to those members who volunteered their time to tabulate and verify the vote. The all member email notification was sent out late February 28.

  • The tentative agreement vote tabulation by site and summarized by level/category can be found at this link: TA Vote Totals



This page will host the links to the documents related to the Tentative Agreement (TA) between the ETA and U46 announced on February 14, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year.

The links will be activated after the Representative Assembly meets on the 15th to learn about, discuss, and vote on their collective support of the TA before it moves to membership for an all member vote later this month.


  • TA Presentation
  • The individual increase calculator. This is an Excel spreadsheet that will download onto your computer. You will need to “Enable Editing” if you receive a warning message in order to personalize the scenario.
  • The TA one page handout
  • TA Forums: We will begin discussion sessions starting at 3:30 and 4:30. These sessions are expected to be simple Q&A and not any formal presentation as the details are all shared above. Feel free to arrive at your convenience and leave when you need. We plan to wrap up by 5:30 on each day but will certainly stay longer if the need exists.
    • Tuesday, February 21 SHS Auditorium
    • Thursday, February 23 BHS Auditorium

In response to questions we have provided the following: