Instructional Council Notes – October 2015

The following topics were discussed at the October 15 convening of Instruction Council.


Summary Statements
Instructional Council – October 15, 2015

The Instructional Council received an update on the District Technology Plan. The three year plan is back on track. Level one and level two tech positions have been added to assist with additional technology in the buildings. All but six buildings will be wired for technology by the end of SY 2015-2016. The rest will be worked on during the summer. Instructional Technology Leadership Committee is in place as well as technology leaders in the buildings.

The Instructional Council continued their training on “How to be a good Committee Member”.  We concluded this training by reviewing the IC manual and discussing key points.

The Instructional Council received an update on the Middle School Dual Language Roll-up. The first group of Dual language students will enter 7th grade in the fall of 2016. Teachers have begun PD in anticipation of this. Additional PD will be offered this year for those teachers who will be affected by this. DL students in 7th grade will receive instruction in Spanish for two courses. These probably will be Language Arts and Social Studies.

The Instructional Council received an update from the Assessment department. Information included new designations of Priority and Focus Schools and how they were identified. The district is currently working with the Center for School Improvement to assist these schools We have 2 elementary and 3 high schools identified as Focus schools.

The Instructional Council received an update on the planning for Full Day Kindergarten. The current proposal and planning was outlined for the committee.

Questions,concerns…please contact a committee member. Our next meeting is Nov. 19, 2015

– submitted by Mary Wojtczak

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