ETA Election Results March 6, 2014

The ETA Election Results for NEA Delegates, District Committees, and ETA Leaders has been approved for posting. The election process cannot be completed without all the building representatives, volunteers to count the ballots, and members like Holly Yee and Dave Palewski our election chairs for many years.

Now that you are in the mood to vote, I strongly urge you to vote in this Republican primary for Sen. Kirk Dillard. Yes, I am one of those “union thugs,” that believe both parties can provide us candidates that recognize the value of public service. It is a shame that a candidate like Rauner believes that union membership somehow makes us less as citizens. The attacks on our public service and our public schools is filled with inaccurate and inflammatory language that only hurts our state. We will be calling you this weekend with more information, so please help us help our schools and vote early.

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