Elementary Sample Schedules

Below are schedules that represent potential schedules for elementary schools for 2024-2025 and 2025-2026.

These are potential draft schedules and have been provided for Gen Ed, DL, PreK, Kindergarten, and Special Education. All schedules represent a potential of what a schedule could like at the various level, school, and departments within elementary schools.  Buildings will need to work collaboratively to create schedules that work for their individual buildings.  Teachers will receive their full allotment of plan time per week but it may vary by day based on the master schedule.  Teachers will create a classroom schedule that meets the minutes requirements for their curriculum after being provided the times for their specials and lunch periods.

For 2025-2026 minute allocations will be reviewed to work within the new length of the school day and the additional plan time being afforded to all teachers.  

*Traditional Schools in 24-25 will receive 56 minutes for lunch and recess.  This may not be noted on all potential draft schedules.*

2024-2025 and 2025-2026 1st-6th General Education Schedules

2024-2025 Preschool Draft Schedules

2025-2026 Preschool Draft Schedules

2024-2025 Kindergarten Draft Schedules

2025-2026 Kindergarten Draft Schedules

2024-2025 Dual Language Draft Schedules 1st-6th Grade

2025-2026 Dual Language Draft Schedules 1st-6th Grade

2024-2025 Special Education Schedules

2025-2026 Special Education Schedules