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Contract Language

15.1 – School Improvement Committee – On an annual basis each school/department shall establish a School Improvement Committee. Prior to the formation of the committee for any school year, a majority of all the teachers and the building/program administration may mutually agree to vary the size and composition of the School Improvement Committee for their school/department, provided that in no event shall the committee have fewer than three (3) teachers and one (1) administrator. Absent such mutual agreement for any school year, the composition of the committee shall be as set forth below:

The teachers in each school shall elect representatives to a School Improvement Committee as follows:

(a) Elementary – shall elect one teacher from each grade level and one teacher from special services.

(b) Secondary – shall elect one teacher from each department and one teacher from special services.

The committee shall meet monthly unless determined otherwise by the committee School Improvement Committee minutes will be distributed to all teachers within two (2) days of a meeting.

The committee may elect its chairperson(s).

The Board/designee shall designate administrative staff to provide opportunities for periodic reviews of progress of SIP.

The Board/designee shall cooperate with the School Improvement Committees to act as a resource for committee work and staff development at the sites and shall provide a database of resources for teachers and buildings for staff development.

15.11 – Role of the School Improvement Committee – The School Improvement Committee shall plan the equivalent of not less than two (2) days nor more than five (5) School Improvement Planning/Institute days for teachers during the regular school term in accordance with the rules and regulations issued by the Illinois State Board of Education. The role of the School Improvement Committee shall be to develop and monitor the School Improvement Plan, coordinate resources, ideas, and material to support individual building programs, and jointly determine the agenda for staff meetings as defined in 6.5 Teacher Collaborative Time. The Committee shall establish such supplementary procedural guidelines as necessary for its operation and communication to staff including development in the spring of a tentative list of committees/events for the next year. Committee representatives will be responsible for reporting to their constituent staff In determining how SIP goals are to be implemented, including the formation of subcommittees for this process, the Committee will endeavor to make decisions through a consensus process.

15.21 – Length of SIP and Institute Programs – SIP and Institute Days shall be 5 hours 15 minutes in length (not including breaks and lunch) during the course of the normal school day, with specific hours of attendance to be determined by the School Improvement Committee. In the absence of agreement as to when the hours will be set, the afternoon SIP or Institute programs shall begin no later than 1:30 p.m. and adjourn no later than two hours and fifteen minutes from the beginning time, and the morning hours shall take place from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

15.22 – Parent Conferences, Meetings and/or School Programs

15.22.1 – Required Parent Teacher Conference – Each school shall dedicate five (5) hours for parent teacher conferences. School Department will determine the schedule for the five (5) hours of parent teacher conferences in the following manner:

a. At least one (1) but no more than four (4) hours of the required five (5) hours for parent teacher conferences will occur after normal school hours for the site; and

b. The remaining hours of the five hours for parent teacher conferences will occur during normal school hours for the site on non-attendance days. Time not used for parent teacher conferences on the nonattendance day shall be considered as a portion of a Professional Practice Day as set forth in Section 6.51.

Attendance is required for the five (5) hours of parent teacher conferences.

15.22.2 – Optional Conferences, Meetings and / or School Programs – In addition to the required five (5) hours for parent teacher conferences, each site may schedule up to seven (7) additional hours for parent-teacher meetings and / or school programs pursuant to the following requirements: a. School Department selects the number of additional hours, not to exceed seven hours, the site will use for parent teacher conferences, parent teacher meetings and / or school programs; b. The School Department shall identify a portion of day(s) and time(s) dedicated to parent-teacher conferences, parent teacher-meetings and / or school programs for the site; c. The additional hours selected by School department must occur after the normal school hours for the site and during the school year; d. Teacher attendance is required for each teacher at the site for the additional hours identified by the School Department; e. Teachers shall be compensated at the applicable rate of pay established in 10.47 Instructional Rate of Pay for any additional hours selected by the School Department. Activities covered under Appendix F are precluded from the additional seven (7) hours.