Secondary Grading Resources

The Secondary Grading Committee presents the following presentations for your consideration. Please start with the May 2013 Grading Committee Report to get a baseline understanding of the recommended considerations and the foundation for supporting this course. If you want to review the work from the previous year, please refer to the 2012 Grading Report February 2012 and Grading Report References 2012.

The are two additional presentations to help further your understanding and provide focus for conversation: Equal Incremental Scales, and Late Work Policies.

The Formative & Summative Assessments presentation and the related handout can be used by your professional learning community to inform your knowledge base, categorize your assessment inventory, and develop an assessment and grading strategy grounded in theory and best practice.

The District has created a “sandbox,” for teachers to experiment with the scales, New Secondary Grading Scale in IC guidelines.    Lastly there is an interactive spreadsheet that can be used to help visualize the impact of two different grading policies. One policy is that late work is not accepted and is therefore recorded as a zero. The second policy limits the lowest score that can be used to calculate a student’s grade to 50% of the points available on the assignment. The impact of these two policies is dependent upon a variety of factors so you are encourage to modify the data and watch the results. The visualization is meant to help see the impact in the moment as opposed to the final outcome which may, or may not, be dramatic.

Wormeli has posted several videos on YouTube that might add to your discussions around the recommended grading guidelines.

Grade in Progress ScreenCapture_02 May. 06 23.00