IEA Region 24

IEA Region 24 is a single local region within the governance structure of the Illinois Education Association (IEA).

The elected leadership of Region 24 are the Region Chair and Region Vice-Chair. The other seats on Region Council are comprised of ETA Section Directors, the minority rep, and a member from the local IEA Retired Chapter. For more information regarding the composition and operating rules of the region please refer to the adopted bylaws.

Region Chair: Doreen Roberts

Region Vice-Chair: Missy Ross

Region 24 Updates

February 2017

IEA-Representative Assembly

Information regarding the 2017 IEA-RA can be found on the IEA website.

ETA Delegate Election held on November 29 – results

Professional Development Support

IEA Region 24 supports the professional development of our members. If you are interested in attending a conference or learning opportunity and would like to apply for funding support, complete and submit the application to the Region 24 Council for review.

Be sure to submit your application at least 6 weeks in advance to provide time for review, response and planning.

Relevant documents:

Application (link to online application)

Reimbursement Guidelines pdf

If you have any questions about IEA Region 24 or the Professional Development Support opportunities please complete this form and your question will be sent to Doreen Roberts,  IEA Region 24 Chair.