Transformation Task Force

The Transformation Task Force (TTF) is a collaborative endeavor of the ETA and District U46. As charged in the 2011-2014 Elgin Agreement a TTF Steering Committee comprised of equal representation of both parties met on June 11, 2012.

Steering Committee

The TTF Steering Committee decided to manage the work by establishing the following four subcommittees. At least one ETA and one U46 Administrative steering committee member shall serve on the following four subcommittees

Original Task Force Membership

  • Elementary Subcommittee members
  • Middle School Subcommittee members
  • High School Subcommittee members
  • “Non-Traditional” Subcommittee members

The subcommittees were all provided with the following Values and Beliefs document created by the Steering Committee prior to the first convening of the full committee. These statements reflect the discussion at the bargaining table and intended to help guide the discussion to bring common threads to all subgroups.

Transformation Task Force Values and Beliefs

The Task Force members are seeking community and staff input on the vision and direction of the final recommendations regarding the vision for the optimal school day. The attached documents will be discussed at the feedback sessions. There will be a survey link provided for all to give feedback.

TTF Final Report and Recommendation

Additional Information

Informational Sessions and Feedback for Final Report

Presentation of draft Oct 2013

Draft of Final Report October 2013

The feedback survey link is posted for both English and Spanish responses on the U-46 Website. 

Subgroup Additional Documents

Pre-K/Elementary: Shawn Leaver

Additional Info for Draft Report 10-2013

Middle School: Barb Bettis

September 2013 Summary Report

High School: Ed Russell

Additional Info for Draft Report 10-2013

Current Team

Ed Russell
Suzanne Colombe
Carl Draeger
Raheem Hasan
Sjoukje Brown
John Leone
Jen Misek
Connie Kott
William Vega
Jessica Cullinane