Contractual Committees

From the ELGIN agreement 2014-17 Preamble

“…the Board and the Association recognize that the ultimate aim of public schools is to provide the best education possible for children and youth in the district, the attainment of positive educational objectives and the formulation of quality educational programs is a joint responsibility of the Board, the administrative and supervisory staff, and the professional teaching personnel …”

Through this Agreement, we have agreed to a number of site and District level collaborative groups to support these joint responsibilities. The following references the contract articles that describe the purpose of each structure. Click to committee name to see all of the posts associated with the committee.

Site Level

2.54 School/Department Committees

15.1 School Improvement Comittee


7.2 Instructional Council (IC)

8.45 Special Education Committee (SEC)

14.21 The U46/ETA Teacher Appraisal Plan Oversight Committee

14.7 Peer Assistance and Review (PAR)

15.3 Professional Development Committee

26.1 Hospitalization-Major Medical Insurance (Insurance Committee)

Addendum C Teacher Mentor Program (TMP)