Bargaining Team 2018

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Bargaining Team Announced

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TRS Tier II Financial Seminar

Is this session for me? This session is designed exclusively for TRS Tier II members and all TRS Tier II members are highly encouraged to attend this important seminar. TRS members who entered into service in one of the state’s public pension systems after January 1, 2011, are considered a Tier II … [Read more...]

ETA Election Results Revised March 10

Because of one reporting error, there was a mistake in the Section Director Secondary 4 reporting. Jeff Horler, not Donna Streit will serve the next term. We appreciate the understanding of all in the swift recognition and correction. The following report comes from the ETA Election Chair Holly … [Read more...]

IC September update

Instructional Council Meeting, September 17, 2015 Summary Statements:          The Instructional Council began training around “How to be a good Committee Member”. This training will continue next month when we will look at the IC manual.          The Instructional Council received … [Read more...]

PAR November Training

The PAR Panel met on November 2nd which included the preparation for the November 7th Informational Meeting for Administrators. The panel determined a live webinar would be held for the participating teachers to access the same information. The webinar is available for viewing … [Read more...]

Does “Tuition-free” college mean a “free college”?

If you're like me, an Illinoisan who watched the Presidential debates, you may have considered moving the family to Massachusetts to save on college tuition expenses. In case you missed it, Mr. Romney stated that graduates of Massachusetts high schools are guaranteed a tuition free education at any … [Read more...]

Focus is on the conversation

Can I count time that is stipend or release time?   Yes, the time is captured by the professional involved in times that are appropriate for their work. Some teachers may have planning time during the day. Others may always have to find time before or after the school day starts. The … [Read more...]

Logging the time

What kind of records/reporting do we need to do?   The agreed upon log is still posted on the website. This is the only required documentation, but of course you probably should be keeping agendas and any notes for referencing. There is no automatic collection. Like all work, if requested … [Read more...]

September through May

What about August and June?   There is no expectation that you record that time since the number of actual days varies from year to year. It does not mean that you cannot continue to use appropriate time to meet and discuss students and learning. … [Read more...]