TAP Oversight Updates

Since the adoption of the Teacher Appraisal Plan (TAP) in 2008, the TAP Oversight Committee (14.21 The U46/ETA Teacher Appraisal Plan Oversight Committee, Elgin Agreement) has been charged with monitoring the implementation of the new plan, resolving unforeseen challenges, and recommending and … [Read more...]


With the implementation of PERA in U46 this year, additional credentialing became a requirement for anybody performing observations and appraisals of teachers. The training of the administrators statewide took place over the summer months with a series of online trainings and assessments. Some … [Read more...]

Volunteers accepted for PAR

The Peer Assistance and Reveiw panel continues to structure the 1st stage of our new program. Maryellyn Friel will continue to update us on their progress. The Peer Assistance & Review (PAR) Panel met August 2 at the ETAoffice. Eight teachers in years3/4 or 2nd year Experienced New Teacher … [Read more...]

PAR Begins Fall 2012

The Peer Assistant and Review (PAR) Panel met for the second time on May 24. Summer work, training dates, and 2012/2013 meeting dates were established. The PAR Panel will be meeting next year the first Friday of each month. The Panel and the Peer Consulting Teacher (PCT) will be part of the on line … [Read more...]