SEC Update

On October 9th, SEC met and approved the September Minutes. The Minutes will be posted and shared on the ETA website as well the U-46 website this school year. Please submit questions to Meghan Doyle or Sundra Arroyo the ETA Co-Chairs. September 2014 SEC MINUTES … [Read more...]

SEC Updates

SEC MEETING MINUTES Feb, 2014 … [Read more...]

For Special Education Teachers ONLY

Following our general election, the SEC will hold its annual election of Special Education members for the SEC. The attachments are the SEC nomination forms april 2014 for those Special Education positions. Please contact Meghan Doyle, Channing or Jill Waichunas, EHS if you have any questions. … [Read more...]

SEC Updates

Our Special Education Committee has met monthly and have asked that we share their minutes with all ETA. The will meet again in January. Please take the time to review the information provided and encourage colleagues to do the same. SEC MEETING MINUTES Sept 2013 SEC MEETING MINUTES Oct 16 … [Read more...]

SEC Link

To keep all ETA members informed, the Special Education Committee will provide LINK, following each meeting. This information will keep all members informed of updated information related to the Special Education  Department. Link September 2013 … [Read more...]

SEC Election Spring 2013

The following was the result of the SEC, Special Education Committee,  election for Special Education Department: Sundra Arroyo - High Incidence Patricia Ann Salwach - High Incidence Alejandra Ganddini - Early Childhood Veronica Kernler - Related Services Maureen Lue - Related Services Kelly … [Read more...]

SEC May Update

The SEC meeting summary is attached. Link  May  7   2013.  Both  Jill Waichunas and Meghan Doyle have agreed to co-chair this group for the 2013-14 school year. Please continue to use the attached form to bring questions forward related to our Special Education programs. … [Read more...]


Link   April-2013 The SEC will meet again on May 7th at the ETA office. The ISBE this week will include accepting public comments on the elimination of class size rules for Illinois Public Schools. Please attend and voice your concerns May 9, 2013 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Elgin Community … [Read more...]

SEC February 28

SEC met briefly at the ETA office. Attached is the SEC Link 2-28-2013 which is intended to give teachers a quick update.  The general education positions for this group will appear on the ETA Ballot. The election for the different Special Education areas will be after Spring Break. … [Read more...]

SEC January Link

Special Education Committee LINK Linking Special Education with General Education The SEC has a three-fold purpose benefiting General and Special Education staff: Share with District employees any issues/changes regarding Special Education;  Assist in the planning, coordinating, and … [Read more...]