TWE Hosts Documentary

The Elgin Teachers Association (ETA) through our nonprofit Those Who Excel is hosting a viewing of the documentary “American Teacher” narrated by Matt Damon. "American Teacher" was developed through a partnership between Microsoft and The Teacher Salary Project,  a nonprofit organization.  ETA is … [Read more...]

Insurance Quarterly Meeting

Insurance Quarterly meeting November 10th Present were Katie Stan, Ken Kubycheck, Renee Zabel, Kathryn Castle, Joyce Houston, and Jack Janezic UHC presented the quarterly usage statistics which will continue to be compared to the previous quarters. There were no new trends noted at this time. … [Read more...]

Those Who Excel Fundraiser

The Those Who Excel Committee is hosting a fundraising night with the Chicago Blackhawks.  Each ticket costs $50 and includes a Scholarship Bowl Tee Shirt.  Seats are in Section 305 Rows 15, 16 & 17. Tickets can be purchased on a first come basis with a limit of 4 tickets. Payment is by check … [Read more...]

2011 Instructional Council – 1st Meeting

September 15, 2011 Today was the first Instructional Council meeting of this school year.  It was also my very first day serving on Instructional Council.  :-) The day started off on a good note when our Co-Chairs, Nan Ochs and Jennifer Bond, said that they were happy to see that every seat on … [Read more...]

Health Insurance Update

The District Insurance Committee, comprised of over 20 members representing all U46 employee groups, meets at least quarterly to monitor the health insurance plan. Our latest meeting's agenda, on Sept. 8th,  included a UHC plan performance report, a review of the actuary prepared 2012 premiums, and … [Read more...]