U46 Instructional Council Member Notes

Instructional Council is scheduled to meet monthly throughout the school year. Please check the ETA Calendar for the most up to date meeting schedule.

Latest Updates from IC

This link will take you to the January minutes. IC minutes january 2014 final (1) … [Read more...]

Instructional Council – January 2014

The Instructional Council received many updates this month. The first was from Early Childhood.  The presentation included information about current program and plans for the future.  Highlights include the “Give Me Five” program, out-reach programs throughout Elgin communities, and plans for … [Read more...]

Instructional Council – November 21, 2013

Summary Statements The Instructional Council received an overview of PARCC with a focus on Math in grades K-12. Information for teachers will be available through webinars beginning in January 2014. If you have not visited and registered on the PARCC web site, it is encouraged that you do. … [Read more...]

Instructional Council – October 17, 2013

The Instructional Council received an overview of PARCC with a focus on ELA in grades K-12.   Much information is available on the ISBE website (isbe.net) regarding these assessments and model units of instruction based on them. The Instructional Council received the requested follow up on AVID … [Read more...]

Instructional Council – May 2013

The Instructional Council received an update on the restructuring model selected by the district.   Dr. Ushma Shah and Kathryn Castle spoke about school improvement strategies being implemented in the ten Transformation Schools beginning in the 2013-2014 school year. The Instructional Council … [Read more...]

Instructional Council – April 2013 Update

The Instructional Council received materials from the Common Core Steering Committee to update them on the progress made by each of the sub-groups. The Instructional Council discussed and sees the need for protocols and procedures to be reviewed and revised around the curriculum cycle. The … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Update

The Instructional Council voted and approved the seven guiding principles presented by the secondary grading committee, noting concern for the two grading scales. The Instructional Council was updated by Common Core Steering Committee members on progress made in each workgroup.  C & A … [Read more...]

IC members shares concerns with BOE

During the most recent Instructional Council meeting, the ETA members expressed their concerns with the administration regarding the implementation of a small pilot program at 2 middle schools for a speech course. After discussion, the members wrote a letter of concern to both Dr. Torres and Greg … [Read more...]

2011 Instructional Council – 1st Meeting

September 15, 2011 Today was the first Instructional Council meeting of this school year.  It was also my very first day serving on Instructional Council.  :-) The day started off on a good note when our Co-Chairs, Nan Ochs and Jennifer Bond, said that they were happy to see that every seat on … [Read more...]