Instructional Council met on December 15th. Council heard two initial presentations and received valuable information about Title I, II, and III funds and procedures. K-6 Fine Arts gave a presentation that will meet the new national core standards, replace outdated standards, and support full … [Read more...]

MTSS Committee Meeting Notes – October 2016

The MTSS committee met 10/24/2016. Trisha Shrode shared elementary building allocations for MTSS interventions. Building principals have been given this information and process to submit their proposal. The committee discussed short and long term plans for interventions at the elementary and … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Notes – October 2016

October 20, 2016 Instructional Council met for the second time this school year on Thursday, October 20th. The meeting was a busy one filled with numerous rich discussions, informative updates and a new curriculum proposal. Instructional Council approved the high school Publications, … [Read more...]

2015-2016 MTSS Committee End-of Year Summary

Our discussions this year centered on communicating what is in place to those who need to know. The MTSS department has put together an Implementation Guide which outlines process and procedures for both academic and behavior/social emotional interventions. This should be available on-line for all … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Notes – May 2016

Instructional Council, May 12, 2016 Summary Statements Instructional Council held two meetings on this day in order to hear initial proposals, have discussions about them, and to vote on the proposals. Morning meeting: Instructional Council heard an initial proposal for Elementary … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Notes – April 2016

April Summary Statements The Instructional Council approved the proposal for Spanish Language Arts for 7th Grade. This is an added class as the Dual Language program moves into middle school. The Instructional Council approved the proposal for the ELA Writing Resource for grades K-8. This is a … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Notes March 2016

Council approved the FDK proposal. There were questions raised about the level of training and how it would be differentiated for veteran kdg teachers. These concerns were sent in our notes. Council heard a proposal for Spanish Language Arts for 7th Grade. This is the program proposed for the … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Notes – February 2016

Instructional Council Summary Statements February 18, 2016 The Instructional Council approved the following proposals: Law I, Law II, World Geography and BEACON. The Instructional Council received an update on District-wide summer offerings. Middle School will continue to offer credit … [Read more...]

Instructional Council Summary January 21, 2016

  Instructional Council approved revisions and additions to the following High School electives: International Relations, World History, Sociology, and Psychology courses. Resources and trainings are planned around these revisions. Instructional Council heard presentations for … [Read more...]

Instructional Council December 10, 2015

The Instructional Council approved a proposal to replace Heritage Spanish 5-6 with Heritage Spanish 5-6 Honors. This aligns the Heritage Spanish with the traditional Spanish Honors course. The Instructional Council approved a proposal for VPAA and BEACON Resources. These are resources needed to … [Read more...]