2nd meeting of the month

Should we have a scheduled 2nd meeting of the month? The old language for sites was removed. The language for 2nd meetings for District-wide departments remains as a voluntary meeting. The only meeting named is one faculty meeting up to 75 minutes. If teachers want to meet on a regular basis, … [Read more...]

Focus is on the conversation

Can I count time that is stipend or release time?   Yes, the time is captured by the professional involved in times that are appropriate for their work. Some teachers may have planning time during the day. Others may always have to find time before or after the school day starts. The … [Read more...]

Logging the time

What kind of records/reporting do we need to do?   The agreed upon log is still posted on the website. This is the only required documentation, but of course you probably should be keeping agendas and any notes for referencing. There is no automatic collection. Like all work, if requested … [Read more...]

September through May

What about August and June?   There is no expectation that you record that time since the number of actual days varies from year to year. It does not mean that you cannot continue to use appropriate time to meet and discuss students and learning. … [Read more...]

Parents not part of 240

Are parent conference and phone calls to be included in the 240? No. The language is referring to your district colleagues in professional conversations about your students and the curriculum that is a part of you instruction. … [Read more...]

Committees that count…

Some but not all committees are listed. Are all other committees excluded? The one faculty meeting is included. School/Department was excluded because it often is more about procedures, not specific students and their learning. Service Team is often a parent meeting, reporting out rather than a … [Read more...]

Q&A 240

ETA 240 Q&A While we all continue to work with the new contract language, it might be helpful if we could continue our discussion of what seems to be the concern and reactions (positive and negative)  to the language regarding Adult Collaborative Time.  We did have some information posted while … [Read more...]