Retirement Notification – An Update

Section 27.10.2 of the Elgin Agreement establishes a deadline for members to give the District their official notification of their intent to retire. Under the terms of the 2011-12 Agreement this notice is irrevocable except as established in the contract (27.10.3). Since negotiations are ongoing it … [Read more...]

Reform: to put or change into an improved form or condition

Recent political banter has painted this term with many negative connotations. It is ironic that by the true definition, this word describes the daily work of a teacher, whether describing our daily work with students or ongoing self-reflection of practice. Our profession is one that has always … [Read more...]

Thank you for your service

It is cold, wet, dark, and you are trying to get your family organized so you can get out the door to school. You grab your bag with the supplies you purchased last night. You grab the bag with the homework stacks that need to be ready for today’s review and stuff the pages of testing … [Read more...]

Dear State Legislature

"Education costs money, but then so does ignorance." -- Sir Claus Moser. By now it is very clear that the State is still looking to find its way through these financial struggles by cutting blindly, almost with the same thoughtlessness as the spending has been. The solutions of the past are not … [Read more...]

“And so it goes,”

Bargaining continues Our latest session was on Columbus Day, Monday, Oct 10th. We continue to have interest based conversations that we believe will be incremental steps toward addressing the ever increasing professional responsibilities of all our members. We need to make sure that all the work … [Read more...]

Conversations you may want to know about

Thanks to all the sites that were able to send a Building Representative to the RA last Wednesday. I hope they have shared some of the discussion at your site. We were able to do some training basics as well as discussion regarding issues like SB7 and Bargaining updates. We also again shared that … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to the Board of Education

School District U-46 is not doing the best it can for our students and their families. The members of the ETA know this to be true, and they continue to spend a great deal of time and energy trying to bring about the changes needed to help the students succeed. However, we continue to struggle to … [Read more...]

The latest version of the ETA Website.

Welcome to The hope is that we can continue to grow and find ways to make our site more timely and responsive to the information needs of our members.  This page will give me a chance to communicate some of the activities of your leadership and try to help focus on some important … [Read more...]