Conversations you may want to know about

Thanks to all the sites that were able to send a Building Representative to the RA last Wednesday. I hope they have shared some of the discussion at your site. We were able to do some training basics as well as discussion regarding issues like SB7 and Bargaining updates. We also again shared that … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to the Board of Education

School District U-46 is not doing the best it can for our students and their families. The members of the ETA know this to be true, and they continue to spend a great deal of time and energy trying to bring about the changes needed to help the students succeed. However, we continue to struggle to … [Read more...]

The latest version of the ETA Website.

Welcome to The hope is that we can continue to grow and find ways to make our site more timely and responsive to the information needs of our members.  This page will give me a chance to communicate some of the activities of your leadership and try to help focus on some important … [Read more...]