We Are the ETA, Bowling and Baskets Included

Politicians and other special interests groups have been attacking unions and characterizing us in a manner that demeans the professional nature of our organizations and the importance of the work we do. They have continued to point to conflicts to define us, but history proves otherwise. Our … [Read more...]

IEA rallies in Springfield

A year of rhetoric seemed to be headed toward some kind of legislative action regarding our pensions during this “lame duck” session. But after a week of teetering on the “Fiscal Cliff,” and the “We Are One,” rally in Springfield today, it appears that there will not be a pension bill coming forward … [Read more...]

Being and Caring in Tragedy

My hope is that you are spending time with family and friends this weekend gaining strength from those precious relationships. While our hearts are with our colleagues and that devastated school community in Newton, Connecticut, we will likely see members of our school families that are struggling … [Read more...]

Sharing Success

Jackie Jagielski  is on the ETA Board of Directors and is part of our CIC compensation group. The following was shared in open session of the Board of Education during the public comment section in response to the AYP recognition at this meeting. " I’m here tonight as a teacher from Sycamore … [Read more...]

It is about the entire day

Today I was able to combine two favorite activities during lunch, voting and checking a new book out at the library. Voting has always been empowering for me. This year meant saying yes to candidates like President Obama and Tammy Duckworth that believe in my profession and that truly support public … [Read more...]

ISBE Shares Resources on Teacher Appraisal and Common Core

Many of our membership participated in a wide variety of professional activities during these summer months. Maryellyn Friel was invited by the IEA to participate in a state-wide gathering hosted by ISBE to get input on teacher appraisal roll-out and to share information about the Common Core … [Read more...]

Can you help?

Summer means professional development, graduate classes, weeding out lessons and files, and hopefully some quality time with family. Even though it seems like the break for students has begun, gearing up for the next school year in starting up now. Since 2010, volunteers for Project Backpack  try … [Read more...]

NEA RA Adjourns

The final session ended Thursday after four long days of deliberation of almost 90 New Business items, 2 constitutional amendments, legislative and resolution amendments, and finally the 2 year budget  approval. It was clear that there is a great deal of information available from NEA that even the … [Read more...]

NEA RA open for business

The 91st NEA RA is underway.  ETA delegates started at 7:30 am, and went to 6:00 pm on the RA floor. Again, much of the beginning is organizational. Motions to determine how we will proceed, preparation for voting, and opening remarks made up much of the morning. With the afternoon, delegates will … [Read more...]

NEA Day of Learning

The Illinois caucus again started the day, reviewing business items preparing for the beginning of the first NEA business session on Monday morning. While there are a few items brought forward by the NEA committees, there will be many more coming forward around all the issues concerning our … [Read more...]