NEA RA Adjourns

The final session ended Thursday after four long days of deliberation of almost 90 New Business items, 2 constitutional amendments, legislative and resolution amendments, and finally the 2 year budget  approval. It was clear that there is a great deal of information available from NEA that even the … [Read more...]

NEA RA open for business

The 91st NEA RA is underway.  ETA delegates started at 7:30 am, and went to 6:00 pm on the RA floor. Again, much of the beginning is organizational. Motions to determine how we will proceed, preparation for voting, and opening remarks made up much of the morning. With the afternoon, delegates will … [Read more...]

NEA Day of Learning

The Illinois caucus again started the day, reviewing business items preparing for the beginning of the first NEA business session on Monday morning. While there are a few items brought forward by the NEA committees, there will be many more coming forward around all the issues concerning our … [Read more...]

NEA DC 2012

NEA Annual meeting began today in Washington DC amidst the 4th of July crowds and record heat. The first day is registration, caucuses for states and groups, a great deal of organizing goes on before we start the business on the floor of the RA. IEA used some of the caucus time to review the pension … [Read more...]

ETA Moving Forward

Members of the ETA have had an amazing 2 weeks. We have processed 50 pages of contractual changes, debated, reflected and ultimately rejected the agreement as presented. Of course it does not stop there and we continue to discuss and look for solutions that will make sense for everyone. The … [Read more...]

Statement of TA Support

At the request of some members and building representatives, I have put together a brief statement of why I support the passage of this TA. I tried to give reasons, not emotional rhetoric or threats of dire consequences. Whether a yes or a no vote ensues, there will be consequences for our entire … [Read more...]

Notes from IEA RA

The annual meeting of the IEA brings over 1000 members in one spot to review the year and make plans for the next. Thursday, March 15th, started with speech from Lily Eskelsen, NEA Vice President. Then all the IEA Committees had open hearings on their reports. I attended the certification … [Read more...]

Beyond the Classroom

During my 20 years as an Elgin High English teacher, my friends stopped calling me on Sundays. They knew just about any invitation would be turned down and conversations would be short. Responding to student writing was the main activity; 150 students, with at least 3 minutes per essay is a pretty … [Read more...]

Professionals Share Collective Wisdom

Politicians and headlines simultaneously claim that we are in the worst of times and that we are on the way to prosperity again.  As usual, the truth most likely lies some where in the middle. Clearly the attack against public schools continues, without much to support the rhetoric. The simplistic … [Read more...]

Retirement Notification – An Update

Section 27.10.2 of the Elgin Agreement establishes a deadline for members to give the District their official notification of their intent to retire. Under the terms of the 2011-12 Agreement this notice is irrevocable except as established in the contract (27.10.3). Since negotiations are ongoing it … [Read more...]