Every Vote Matters

With the Presidential debates this week, voters will be making decisions that will impact everyone. The NEA and the IEA have been working for months to help educate members on the issues and the candidates. The candidates and issues we support will lead to improved education for all students and … [Read more...]

Picking the Candidates

The IEA has been holding the local regional recommendation hearings. Candidates for state legislature as well as Congressional races are invited to come and speak, answer questions. The local leaders make recommendations to support to the IEA State IPACE. Judy Arman, our Grassroots Political … [Read more...]

Your pension is under attack. Act now!

Pension Update: Speaker Michael Madigan has turned sponsorship of the pension-cutting bill, SB1673 over to Republican Leader Tom Cross. In addition, Madigan has agreed to remove language  that would have forced local districts to accept costs for employee retirements that are currently paid by … [Read more...]

Community Supports Teachers

Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice will hold our next general meeting on Saturday, May 12th at 2:00 PM till 5:00 PM at the First Congregational Church at 256 E Chicago Street in Elgin.* This will be a forum in response to the current threats to our schools, teachers' rights and teachers' pensions. … [Read more...]

Voters Needed

The Candidate Forum presented by U-46, CAC, League of Women Voters, Daily Herald, and the ETA attracted 11 primary candidates, the 22nd, 23rd, 25th, and 33rd. Candidates addressed school funding, pension reform, unfunded mandates, and other educational issues. While some issues were clearly … [Read more...]

ETA – Candidate Forum

This year's candidate forum will be available via live stream technology. So whether in the comfort of the Streamwood HS auditorium or from the comfort of your favorite chair, watch and listen for yourself as candidates speak about your professional issues. Make sure you're informed on the issues … [Read more...]

Primary Election: March 20, 2012

Judi Arman : ETA Grassroots Political Activist It’s the Election before the Election that allows people to decide who will represent each of the Political Parties in both Local, State and National Elections. What does this mean for the ETA? This is the time for teachers to take back their … [Read more...]


by Judi Arman IEA held its GPA mini-conference February 3&4 in Springfield.  Friday evening was spent reviewing the legislative landscape that may impact IEA members. A variety of educational issues, including ESEA waiver, educational certification and licensure, vouchers, funding and of … [Read more...]

Grassroots updates

Summary provided by Judith Arman The first veto session has come to an end.  Senate Bill (SB) 512, Pension Reform, was not brought forward for a vote. It is believed that there are not enough votes in the Legislature for SB 512 to pass. It is also believed that this bill will not see action until … [Read more...]

The legislature is NOT informed. Are you?

An analysis of Senate Bill 512, the pension bill developed last spring by the Chicago-based Civic Committee shows it would have cost taxpayers an additional $34 billion dollars for state pensions. IEA lobbyist Will Lovett explains what the analysts found and why the legislature should reject any … [Read more...]