IEA Legislative Update for April 12, 2019

This deadline week was everything we expected. We almost moved all of our priority bills out of the House and Senate. One proposal that failed to meet the deadline was HB 350. We continue to encourage members to contact their legislators and enlighten them about the impact that the 3 percent salary … [Read more...]

IEA pushes legislation to repeal 3 percent limitation to help with teacher shortage

Press Release from Illinois Education Association SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Education Association initiated a bill to repeal the 3 percent salary limit law that shifts the state’s cost of paying for an educator’s pensionable earnings to local school districts and institutions of higher education … [Read more...]

Legislation to Repeal the 3% Salary Cap/Limit SB 3622 (Fowler-R) and HB 5937 (Phelps-Finnie-D)

Illinois Legislators have put forth bills in the house and the senate.  Republican Dale Fowler, Republican from the 59th District and Natalie Phelps Finnie from the 118th district have proposed legislation to repeal the 3% cap that went through in the 2018 State budget. The Illinois Education … [Read more...]

Changes to TRS (The 3% Law)

The IEA sent an e-mail regarding changes to TRS that came through in the budget bill signed by Governor Bruce Rauner. These changes were added at the last minute of the budget session. You can read about all of these changes in the e-mail sent from IEA or by clicking the following link; IEA … [Read more...]

Springfield is back in session next week

As we shared at the RA, there were approximately 3000 education bills generated by the state legislature last year. This Tuesday the House Education Committee will be reviewing 20 potential bills, none of which are related to pension. Hearing Notice for Education. The Senate has a much shorter … [Read more...]

Voting April 9th

The April 9th election will have six candidates running for the 3 open positions on the U-46  Board of Education. The ETA is recommending the membership elect Donna Smith and Gary Percy to the U-46 Board. There will be a Candidate Forum Thursday, March 14, at 7:00 pm in the EHS Library. All … [Read more...]

Board of Education Election 2013

From Judi Arman ETA/IEA Grassroots Political Activist As was shared at the February RA, recommendation hearings for U-46 Board of Education positions are planned and the ETA will be notifying members of any recommendations soon. For the April 9, 2013 Consolidated Election, Early Voting will … [Read more...]

Angry? You should be.

When I wrote the following for posting on the ETA Facebook page I was angry. Since then a grave tragedy has occurred in a kindergarten classroom in Connecticut. Many public employees will be remembered and acknowledged to have acted bravely, heroically, and selflessly. There will be a great … [Read more...]

Does “Tuition-free” college mean a “free college”?

If you're like me, an Illinoisan who watched the Presidential debates, you may have considered moving the family to Massachusetts to save on college tuition expenses. In case you missed it, Mr. Romney stated that graduates of Massachusetts high schools are guaranteed a tuition free education at any … [Read more...]

Candidates respond to ETA Questions

Five Candidates from three different races attended the joint forum presented by the Citizens Advisory Council (CAC), Elgin Teacher Association (ETA), League of Woman Voters (LWV) School district U-46 (SDU46) and moderated by the Political Editor of the Daily Herald, Kerry Lester.  This is the … [Read more...]