Membership Input

An all membership email was sent this morning with a link to a brief survey regarding the recently ratified Agreement. This is the first step this year in an ongoing effort to engage more members in the sharing of the information and work of our collective membership. As those opportunities to … [Read more...]

PAR Update May 12

The PAR panel has completed this year's program and has begun the process to invite teachers to participate in 2014-15 school year. Thanks goes to retiring PAR member, Hilda Curda. Hilda was one of the founding members of the group that created and implemented this program. She will be … [Read more...]

SEC Updates

SEC MEETING MINUTES Feb, 2014 … [Read more...]

ETA Election Results

The ETA Election Results for NEA Delegates, District Committees, and ETA Leaders has been approved for posting. The election process cannot be completed without all the building representatives, volunteers to count the ballots, and members like Holly Yee and Dave Palewski our election chairs for … [Read more...]

For Special Education Teachers ONLY

Following our general election, the SEC will hold its annual election of Special Education members for the SEC. The attachments are the SEC nomination forms april 2014 for those Special Education positions. Please contact Meghan Doyle, Channing or Jill Waichunas, EHS if you have any questions. … [Read more...]

Latest Updates from IC

This link will take you to the January minutes. IC minutes january 2014 final (1) … [Read more...]

Nomination Forms Due Feb 10

ETA Nomination Form for March 4 Election All ETA members can submit a nomination by completing all the required fields in the online form. All nominations must be submitted by Monday February 10th.  This is the same link that was sent to all members emails in ETA Updates.  ETANomination2014 … [Read more...]

SEC Updates

Our Special Education Committee has met monthly and have asked that we share their minutes with all ETA. The will meet again in January. Please take the time to review the information provided and encourage colleagues to do the same. SEC MEETING MINUTES Sept 2013 SEC MEETING MINUTES Oct 16 … [Read more...]

American Education Week

As this country began, the vision for public education far exceeded the reality of what was possible. Near the end of the 18th century, many schools still only provided education in winter months with few resources. But as communities changed, so did the schools that served them. Over time, our … [Read more...]

NEA Recognizes PAR progress

May-August 2013 The TEI Department and PAR Panel collaboratively interviewed and selected a second Peer Consultant Teacher (PCT).  Stephanie Sylvester joins Jeron Shelton as PCT, working in the Teacher Effectiveness Initiatives (TEI) Department for the PAR Program. September 2013 School … [Read more...]