Board of Directors

Each Director shall be an active member of the Association and shall be elected in the section and at the level to which he/she is assigned. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers, Section Directors, Ethnic Minority Director and the IEA Regional Chair and Vice Chair (if that Chair and/or Vice Chair are Association members).


PRESIDENT                     Richard Johnson             ETA Office

1ST VICE PRESDIENT     Gary Lorber                    Bartlett High School

2nd VICE PRESIDENT     Jackie Jagielski              Glenbrook Elementary

SECRETARY                    Sarah Madson                Independence School

TREASURER                   Sandra Citron                  Educational Services Center




MINORITY DIRECTOR               Graciela Aguirre                      Lowrie School

SECTION 1  SECONDARY : Elgin High School, Ellis Middle School, Larsen Middle School

Joyce Juenger, Ellis Middle School

SECTION 2  SECONDARY : Streamwood High School, Canton Middle School, Tefft Middle School

Wil Vega, Streamwood High School

SECTION 3 SECONDARY : Larkin High School, Abbott Middle School, Kimball Middle School

Scott Sternal, Abbott Middle School

SECTION 4 SECONDARY : Bartlett High School, Gifford Street High School, Eastview Middle School

Jeff Horler, Bartlett High School

SECTION 5 SECONDARY : Kenyon Woods Middle School, Programs/Member housed at 355, South Elgin High School, Center House

Doreen Roberts, Teacher Leader Professional Development, Educational Services Center

SECTION 1 ELEMENTARY : Century Oaks, Creekside, Gifford, Highland, Hillcrest, Illinois Park, Lowrie, Washington, Early Learning Station and Pre-school

Kristi Schooler, Hillcrest Elementary

SECTION 2 ELEMENTARY : Channing, Coleman, Garfield, Huff, Lincoln, Lords Park, McKinley, Ron O’Neal

Audrey Leaver, Coleman School

SECTION 3 ELEMENTARY : Clinton, Fox Meadow, Horizon, Laurel Hill, Nature Ridge, Ontarioville, Otter Creek, Parkwood, Willard

Amy Grantham, Otter Creek Elementary

SECTION 4 ELEMENTARY : Glenbrook, Hanover Countryside, Heritage, Hilltop, Oakhill, Ridge Circle, Sunnydale, Timber Trails, Woodland Heights

Jenn Strasser, Ridge Circle Elementary

SECTION 5 ELEMENTARY : Bartlett, Centennial, Hawk Hollow, Independence, Liberty, Prairieview, Spring Trail, Sycamore Trails, Wayne

Chris Bucchi, Centennial Elementary


REGION CHAIR                        Doreen Roberts       Teacher Leader Professional Development

REGION VICE CHAIR                Graciela Aguirre     Lowrie Elementary


Jen Bury, Glenbrook Elementary

Joyce Juenger,  Ellis Middle School

Jeff Horler, Bartlett High School


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