2018-2021 Tentative Agreement

We are excited to release this clarification prior to members voting on the TA.

The memo explains migration to the new model and specifically how it applies to those moved at the conclusion of the three years as they are placed at the appropriate salary level.

Urgent Memo:  Clarification on Migration and Accrued Career Credits


Below are the resources related to the 2018-2021 ETA – U46 Tentative Agreement.

The Latest Tools

Before you can use the Individual Increase Calculator you need to know your step and lane placement. If you don’t know your current Step and Lane be sure to use the tool to find out.

Remember: After downloading and opening the spreadsheets, you must ENABLE EDITING in order to you use either one of them.


Use this spreadsheet to look up your current Step and Lane. [Don’t forget to enable editing!]


Reworked and reformatted based upon member feedback to ease navigation. For those remaining on the Traditional model at the end of the Agreement, the worksheet will show the calculation for placement onto the Career Credit model based upon the 2020-21 salary rates.  May 20th.

NEW!   FAQ Question Submission Form 

The following documents will be provided electronically to ETA reps and posted here after the ETA BOD takes action on the TA.

2018-2021 Tentative Agreement: ETA Representative Assembly Presentation (pdf)

2018-2021 Tentative Agreement: Document (pdf)

Updates to TA Document: In response to feedback at the ETA RA we reached out to the District and agreed to make the following revisions to ensure we captured in the language the full intent of the discussions.

2018-2021 TA: 6.54 Meetings (strike “and site administration”)

2018-2021 TA: 27.1 Salary 403(b) (403(b) matching provision)

FAQ Sheet (Questions submitted by members and answered by the ETA bargaining team.)

Previously Shared Career Credit Compensation Model

Career Credit Presentation

PDF version [will open in a new window]

PPT version [will download to your computer]

Additional Resources

Pay Rates:

Please email me at jack.janezic@ieanea.org if you do find an error or have a question about the tool. Thank you for your patience while I modified the tool to help meet all of your needs.