TRS Tier II Financial Seminar

Is this session for me?

This session is designed exclusively for TRS Tier II members and all TRS Tier II members are highly encouraged to attend this important seminar. TRS members who entered into service in one of the state’s public pension systems after January 1, 2011, are considered a Tier II member. While Tier I members are welcome to attend they are encouraged to seek out sessions designed specifically for their needs.

The recent changes to your TRS Pension can affect your ability to retire on your own terms.  Learn what you can do now.

Also, if you are carrying student debt you will also want to attend this important workshop. You may qualify for Public Service Debt Forgiveness.

Topics to be addressed:

– A Teachers Retirement System (TRS) counselor who will speak about TRS pensions and benefits, for Tier II members.

– Financial planning overview by a NEA Member Benefit Specialist with the aim of informing attendees about methods to maximize benefits.

– Determine if you or somebody you know is eligible for the federal college debt forgiveness program, Degrees Not Debt.

Register Information on Eventbrite Registration is Open!

Click here to register for the May 2nd seminar to be held in the IEA-Elgin office.


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