2015-2016 MTSS Committee End-of Year Summary

Our discussions this year centered on communicating what is in place to those who need to know. The MTSS department has put together an Implementation Guide which outlines process and procedures for both academic and behavior/social emotional interventions. This should be available on-line for all staff to access in the 2016-2017 school year. Links will be included for the access of forms or additional information.

There will be a link to the up-dated Code of Conduct which outlines procedures when behavior and safety are a concern. The Code of Conduct is being up-dated based on the Illinois legislation that was passed this year.

There is a Community Awareness Fair planned for August 3, 2016. The agencies that have been working with many schools will be available to answer questions from school teams and pass out information so that schools have additional resources when necessary.

In our discussions this year we realized that part of our struggle as a committee was an identity. Are we an action committee or an advisory committee? As we move into the next school year we will act as an advisory committee. We will make “decision makers” aware of any suggestions we have based on information gathered throughout the district. We have not had that contact during the past year and a half and feel it is vital for upper level administrators to hear the voice of those working with students daily.

In order to hear what the concerns are we plan to conduct surveys and focus groups. These will be one way to gather thoughts and concerns. We realize that in many cases the concern is safety rather than behavior but we also realize that they often are connected in the way they present in a classroom or building.

So as this school year ends we feel we have been able to address the issue of communication through a guide for policies and procedures that will be available to all district employees but we realize that there still are many concerns that still need to be addressed. Please be open to requests for information from this committee and feel free to contact members of the committee and share your schools successes and concerns.

Co-chairs for the 2016-2017 school year are Susan Smith and Jane Mursewick


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