License Update from Susan Collins

Attendance was very small for our 2 license renewal sessions on Feb. 9 & 10. We will be scheduling more in April and May, dates TBD. We are open to suggestions including holding a session in June if enough members are interested. Beth is willing to come out to schools, before or after school, if someone from that school will contact her directly, either teacher or administrator. Sessions are drop-in; no reservations required.
License renewal sessions are not PD so there is no registration on CourseWhere.
Re GCN videos as PD: U-46 is NOT counting GCN videos as PD. U-46 did not give PD credit for watching these videos last year either. Those CPDUs were given through GCN who no longer has the authority to give PD credit. Individual districts may approve the videos as PD, but U-46 doesn’t intend to do so.
Here is the link to a 5-page list of approved Illinois PD providers as of 12/15/15. It has been greatly expanded. Most entries on page 1 have a link for educators to look for specific school in that category. Example, under Community/City colleges, ECC, CoD & Harper are all listed as well as a multitude of others.
PD no longer has to be entered within 60 days (effective July 15, 2015). However, members are strongly encouraged to continue to do so to avoid the renewal year panic.
Licenses up for renewal on this year, June 30, 2016, may be registered after April 1. An active link to register, i.e. pay, will appear on the PD screen.
Reminder: After educators have renewed their license in this current cycle, all educators will need need 120 CPDUs. (1 graduate hour = 15 CPDUs.)

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