TAP Oversight Updates

Since the adoption of the Teacher Appraisal Plan (TAP) in 2008, the TAP Oversight Committee (14.21 The U46/ETA Teacher Appraisal Plan Oversight Committee, Elgin Agreement) has been charged with monitoring the implementation of the new plan, resolving unforeseen challenges, and recommending and approving various changes in the document. The overall intent is to help ensure that the tool utilized to appraise the work of our teachers is relevant, fair, formative, legal, and aligned to the shared values and beliefs of the District and the ETA.

The work of the Committee during the 2014-15 school year resulted in the following changes which will be in effect beginning with the 2015-16 school year:

  1. Recognizing the significantly earlier school year start date than when originally bargained, the Committee has approved changing the window of opportunity for both Formal and Informal Observation Cycles to begin from October 1 to September 21. This earlier start date is only applicable when all other mandatory prerequisite components have been completed.
  2. In order to help manage the workload as well as other considerations, the deadline for completion of Formal Observation Cycles have been set to the same date for all members regardless of their tenure status. The window will now close for all members on April 15.
  3. To help ensure that all members have the opportunity to have a full TAP experience aligned to the shared values and beliefs, no summative rating can be established prior to March 1 for any ETA member. Previously there was only a “completed by” date and effectively no starting date. In response to the earlier school year calendar, the window for Summative Conferences for all members now closes on May 15. Previously the date was May 30.
  4. In order to comply with changes in the state law, every year all pretenured teachers must now have a minimum of two formal evaluation cycles and at least one informal observation cycle. Previously TAP reduced the number of required Formal Observation Cycles for 3rd and 4th year pretenured teachers down to one per year. This is no longer allowed under the school code.


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