MTSS October Notes

MTSS Committee

October 27, 2014


Members present:

Darlea Livengood, Donna Magnuson, Barb Bettis, Katie Tornero, Jane Mursewick, Cheryl DeRoo, Sue Smith, Mary Wojtczak


Trish Shrode

 Summary of meeting:

The committee introduced themselves and stated what they could bring to the committee.

We shared the contract language (MOA) for the committee and discussed how to address the issues brought forward including safety and equity issues.

We looked at what was currently in place and what is available to schools.  There was a discussion about the differences from level to level and building to building.

  • We are 6 years into the RtI process in the district
  • Academic interventions are implemented at some level in all buildings
  • There is a need to identify/clarify CORE curriculum, differentiation, and intervention.
  • PBIS or similar behavior systems are in place in all buildings
  • Clear and consistent protocols are needed

The committee then completed a SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats or Barriers) activity to gain a perspective about RtI implementation in the district.  We will use this as we plan our goals for the year.

Future dates were established for the committee. Meeting minutes will be posted on the district web site after approval at the next meeting.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Sue Smith or Mary Wojtczak.

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