NEA Recognizes PAR progress

May-August 2013

The TEI Department and PAR Panel collaboratively interviewed and selected a second Peer Consultant Teacher (PCT).  Stephanie Sylvester joins Jeron Shelton as PCT, working in the Teacher Effectiveness Initiatives (TEI) Department for the PAR Program.

September 2013

School District U-46 is using the expertise of the Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland) PAR Program, as a Critical Friend.  The MCPS PAR Program is an established program, with over 10 years of service to educators.

A MCPS PAR Program Critical Friend worked with our two Peer Consultant Teachers (PCT) and members of the PAR Panel during a two day period.  The PCTs and Critical Friend participated in norming activities to support the accuracy, reliability and consistency in observations and conversations about effective teaching practices.

October 2013

The PAR Program welcomed Adriane Dorrington from NEA.  Ms. Dorrington oversees the PAR Program Grants of which U46/ETA is a beneficiary.

The Panel reviewed the PAR Brochure and PAR communication plan. Our goal is to update the brochure when a plan is established for the 14-15 school year.

The Panel identified a communication subcommittee to develop a purposeful plan that will meet the needs of all U-46 Stakeholders.

November 2013

An exhibit of the TEI Department’s services and supports will be in the ESC display window (1st Floor) by the elevators.  Included in the display will be the PAR Program.

The PAR Panel hosted an informational webinar, explaining the roles, responsibilities and requirements of the program.  Administrators working with a PAR Participating Teacher (PT) were invited to join the broadcast.  The webinar will be available as a recording.

The Panel welcomed Veronica Erion as a new member.  The panel will review 12-13 school year survey data from the PTs, PCT, and administrators, update the PAR handbook, complete the Program’s Year End Report.

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