CIC: Subgroup Communications

The CIC Student Growth Team would like you to participate in a quick 2 question survey. All the CIC teams will be able to communicate their resources and feedback opportunities using these Member to Member postings. Please share with your colleagues so all have the opportunity to participate.

The first focused discussion from the Time Team will be October 10th, 3:30-5:00 at Hilltop Elementary. The focus will be on the elementary time. Additional dates for elementary will be Prarieview, October 23rd and Location TBD, Nov 5th. Secondary focus dates will be shared as they become available. We should have updates and information posted on our website soon.


  1. Ann Peacock says

    Two items I would like to committee to consider are the following:
    1) Providing English teachers a substitute teacher once 1st Q and once 4th Q to grade and calibrate the district essays.
    2) Please add a clause so that teachers are better protected from being bullied by his or her administrator (this has happened to several people I know, including myself – but not at my current location).

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