Those Who Excel Dates to Remember!

TWE Recognition Night                    May 12, 2014

Scholarship Bowl                                March 3, 2014

(Bowling will still be at Elgin Lanes along with the raffle and more surprises.)

In response to the number of interested purchasers:

   At the October RA, reps will receive an envelope filled with Hawks Raffle Tickets to win first purchase rights. These tickets can be sold either at their building or to friends. There is no limit on the number of raffle tickets an individual can purchase. Each raffle ticket will cost $1. The buyer will keep half of their ticket and the rep will return the other half in the enclosed envelope. All purchased raffle tickets must be returned by the November RA to be considered for this drawing.

   At the end of the Nov. RA, 20 Hawk Raffle Tickets will be chosen from the Hawk Raffle Tickets returned. These numbers will be placed on the ETA website. Each ticket will have 2 Hawks tickets put aside until Wednesday, December 18 at the ETA Office for purchase by the person with the matching number.

   Tickets can be claimed and paid for by presenting the matching number raffle ticket with a check made out to TWE for $75 per ticket or $150 for both at the ETA Office. This price includes a $15 donation to TWE. Payment must be made in the form of a check and given at the time the tickets are picked up. We hope this gives all a fair chance to win.

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