Common Core Sharing

On July 15 & 16, I attended the Educator Leadership Institute in Bloomington.  IEA, AFT and ISBE sponsored the Institute.  The theme was Common Core Implementation.  Many districts are where we are in U46.  Some districts are further along and presented their work.  Presenters from CPS, Quincy schools, St. Charles 303, Schaumburg 54, HS District 214 Wheeling shared their story and work.  ISBE presented on Balanced Assessment System, which clarified their position on how the PERA assessment types fit into a balanced approach.  Their message was multiple measures over time and a greater emphasis on the formative assessments of type 2 & 3.

An update on PARCC was given.  Fall 2014/2015 school year will be the unveiling of the mid year and year end tests.  School year 2015/2016 will have all 4 tests available including a speaking & listening test, which will be scored locally.  The 4 tests are a fall formative test, a mid year assessment, a performance based assessment and a year-end assessment.  If any teacher is interested being considered for PARCC item passage review work, send a description of your accomplishments to  In July, PARCC will release the Accommodations Manual & in August more sample items will be released on the web site


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