Springfield is back in session next week

As we shared at the RA, there were approximately 3000 education bills generated by the state legislature last year. This Tuesday the House Education Committee will be reviewing 20 potential bills, none of which are related to pension. Hearing Notice for Education. The Senate has a much shorter agenda and will only be looking about half that number. The Senate Elementary & Secondary Education Committee. The political pressure on our schools just never ends.

The IEA provides its membership with knowledgeable staff to monitor these bills and to inform legislators of our interests, but they need your help. IEA Lobby Day is coming May 15th. We are gathering names of volunteers now, so check with your building rep to see who from your site is attending. Kathy Difatta at the ETA office can help with questions about the bus.  We will also be asking all ETA to help with communication for that day, so if you don’t know who your state representatives are, please use the IEA Legislative resources to get up to speed.


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