What RIF grouping am I in?

For many the determination of their proper ISBE statutory grouping is a mystery. The law spells out very specific rules but there are over 80 different permutations based upon the four statutory ratings alone. Add to this more than a dozen different legacy ratings in the U46 system and it’s clear why people get confused.

We’ve spent some time putting together a tool for ETA members to confirm their individual placement. This placement tool incorporates the legacy ratings found within the personnel records of ETA members, the treatment of these legacy ratings as agreed to by the SB7 Joint Committee, and the rules as defined by the Illinois school code. (Pertinent language: 105 ILCS 5/24-12 Dismissal Order Adobepdfreader7_icon)


The intent of providing this Grouping Generator excel_icon is threefold:

1) To help educate the user on how past performance is considered per statute for current placement within a statutory grouping

2) To help the user understand the impact of the next summative rating on grouping determination

3) To provide a means for a member to confirm that the district has made a proper identification based upon their unique performance record

We hope that you find this tool helpful and we ask that you share it with your colleagues within the ETA.


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